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  •  Innovative Unique Bike Accessory

  • Guaranteed  "Joy Ride"

  • Creates "Good Vibrations"

  • Works on All Motorcycles, All seats!

  • On/Off switch for "selective passengers"

  • Fast & Easy to Install

  • "Pleasing bikers " for over a decade

  • Deal Closer!!!!

The Ultimate Motorcycle Accessory !

The VIBERIDER produces a pulsating sensation through the passenger seat once installed it is undetectable to the eye. This unique motorcycle/car accessory operates simultaneously with the RPM's of your engine. The More You Rev, The Harder It Pulsates. Your satisfaction guaranteed, and so is Hers !


 We built in a Demo Push Button which allows you to bypass the synchronized mode whether the bike is running or not. This puts the vibrator into a high power mode, for as long as you hold the button. See videos on website or YouTube.

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